A Cappella Song Recordings

If you are looking for a cappella recordings of children’s Bible class songs, we have found a great resource. http://commonsensechristian.com/index.php/songs?fbclid=IwAR33UzN1PQP9qVgWH23WklrzSoUUIy_chBqzmD_779wFx2IWa3A3SQDcUE4

This website is done by a member of the Lord’s church. The website has a section with a collection of Bible class songs. The collection has an interesting backstory as told by Carolyn Moudy Bloodworth.

The backstory is that a sister in Christ was in a nursing home in the final stages of MS. Her sweet sister-in-law wanted to help her leave behind a legacy for her children and grandchildren. These sisters loved to sing growing up and so they thought of every song from their childhood (both in Bible class and songs they sang at camp), and they recorded them singing them together just on an iPhone in the nursing home. They even brought in their 3rd sister for some of the songs to have a 3-part harmony. They combined them into a big songbook for the family, and then eventually made a little songbook with a CD in the back of their recordings which can be used in the Bible class. These songbooks/CD were included in the “VBS in a Box” that were sent out during the pandemic from the Happy Church of Christ in Happy, TX. They have even been uploaded onto MP3 players to take to Ghana for the women to learn these songs so that they can teach them to their children! What started out as a labor of love so a dear Christian could leave a legacy for her grandchildren, has grown way beyond that!

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