Adam to Noah, 10 Generations – Video

This is an introduction to our study of Noah which will begin fully in the next lesson. We look at Genesis 5 in this lesson. It is a chapter about the “generations of Adam”, his son, grandson, great grandson and so on.
It includes a fun song about some of the old men mentioned.
One good reason to study Genesis 5 is to learn that the earth is not millions of years old but can be counted in the thousands. This is a good segue from the study of the beginning of Creation up until Noah is born.
You can watch the video on YouTube:
The people listed in Genesis 5 are the ancestors in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Another genealogical list is given in Genesis 9 which lists the “generations of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah” all the way to Abraham. (I accidentally edited out the part about Enoch being taken be with God instead of dying a physical death.) We know that Judah descended from Abraham and that the Christ is a descendant of Judah. 
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