Bible Books – Bean Bag Toss

Introduce this Bean Bag Toss activity for a fun repetition in learning the books of the Bible. This may be used for Old or New Testament books. It may also be adapted to the 12 sons of Jacob, the judges or the 12 apostles.

It is a great activity to use when children get fidgety in the middle of the Bible lesson. Giving children a “brain break” using movement is a great way to help them refocus on the lesson being presented.  It can also be used for the minute or two you have left at the end of class.

    • Make or buy a beanbag about 5 inches in diameter.
      • I sewed these from scrap fabric.
      • Instead of beans, I filled them about 1/2 way with rice.
      • Do not let them get wet or the rice will swell.
    • Have the children make a circle around the room.
    • Begin tossing the bean bag from one child to the next child.
    • As it is tossed, ALL of the children must say Bible books in order, either Old or New Testament.
    • This provides a chance for the kids to move, and movement for children is priceless and necessary.
    • Upper elementary aged children will catch on to this rapidly. However, they need to be reminded that they must ALL speak the Bible book as the beanbag is tossed around.
      • NO throwing using an overhand movement as a child might be hurt.
      • Children must toss this underhanded.
    • Younger children may only be able to toss the bean bag while the teacher speaks the words.
    • Mastering this activity improves over time.
    • The teacher should encourage children to get into a rhythm and don’t let it drag out.

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