Bible Facts for Teaching Wall

Display interesting facts about the Bible in your room on poster board or on a bulletin board. This will be used to help them understand the concept of “chapter and verse”.


  • Write facts on strips of poster board and place each strip on the floor or the wall. You might wish to make a large Bible shape out of black poster board.
  • Let children see if they can pick the matching facts. If they guess it correctly, they can put them on the teaching wall. 
    • I stuck vertical strips of black Velcro on the black posterboard.
    • It makes it easy to stick the facts together without them moving around.
  • This class activity may also be used as an individual or small group learning center as an activity to do before the class period begins. 
  • In the photo above, the facts are all scrambled. We work as a class or children may work as they enter the classroom to fix them.  Below are what I have used below. However you may choose anything they need to know or that is interesting to you.
      • OT books? 39  
      • NT books? 27  
      • All Bible books? 66 
      • Bible Writers 40 (39 or 40 since we are not certain about the writer of Hebrews)
      • Years to Write? 1500 (again this is approximate)
      • Middle Book
      • Longest Chapter Psalm 119
      • Shortest Chapter John 117
      • Shortest Verse John 11:35
      • Contains all letters but one Ezra 21. (No, I am not going to tell you what is missing. Look it up for yourself and see if you can find the missing letter.)

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