Bible – How Do You Treat It?

This is an interactive and fun activity to reinforce the importance of taking care of God’s word, the Bible. It is full of surprises and is funny.

Original Source

The original activity seen in the photo is taken from Rays of Sonshine, Volume 1 or 2. I no longer have either book, so there is no way to give full credit where it is due.

It was originally intended to go with a lesson Josiah. However, it can be used with many lessons. I have made some changes to the original version and use it with an introduction to the Bible.


Write on index cards what children might say about how they use their Bibles. Some should be serious and true while others can be true but a little silly. Place each index card in an envelope so each child cannot see what it says. Here is a photo of some of what I use. The cards are hard to read in the photo, so what I use is seen underneath it. Make up your own statements.

  • It is on my bookshelf at home. I never take it down, so it won’t get lost.
  • I dropped it in a puddle.
  • I use it to dry flowers.
  • I left it in the car.
  • It spilled milk on it when I ate breakfast.
  • I lost it last week.
  • I read it with my family every day.

How to do this activity

Pretend to be a TV news anchor or radio host. I use a whiteboard eraser as a microphone. “Interview” each child one by one asking about their Bibles, what they do with them, where they might keep them, how they use them and etc. Make sure to hold the “microphone” near their mouth since they are being interviewed for TV or radio. Hah! They love this part!

The child must “answer” the person with the microphone by saying only what is in the index card in their envelope. Let the hilarity ensue!

Once each child has answered, have a serious conversation with the kids about how to properly handle God’s word.

  • We treat the Scriptures with respect because they are God’s holy words.
  • We don’t throw it around carelessly.
  • We bring it to Bible class and worship so we can use it.
  • We read it alone and/or with our family.
  • We don’t want it to get wet or dirty if we can help it.
  • Continue discussing this with the children as your time allows.

This is a fun and rather silly way to drive home the importance of taking care of God’s holy word.

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