Bible is Inspired by God

Lesson Theme – The Bible is the most important book ever written because the words come from the mouth of God. 2 Timothy 3:16a tells us this truth. The Bible is inspired by God.


Materials Needed

  • One mirror for each child
  • Books: various types of books like fairy tale, fiction, reference, magazine, etc.


Lesson Readiness  

  • Put your fingers very close to your mouth and sing THE B-I-B-L-E song. 
  • Do you feel breath on your fingers? It is warm. The warm air is your breath. When we push air out of our mouths, we speak.
  • Put your fingers very close to your lips and say fun things like the following:
    • Hello Harry!
    • Herbie Hippopotamus
    • Say YOUR first and last name
    • Do you feel your breath on your fingers? The warm, moist air is your breath.
      • Say YOUR first and last name. 
      • Sing BIBLE 
      • Do you feel the breath?
  • Pass out one mirror to each child and then repeat each step above.
    • Ask the children if they can SEE their breath on the mirror.
    • When we speak, we use our breath.
    • Our breath is air being pushed from our lungs out of our mouth.
    • We are literally “breathing out” words.
    • We call this process “speaking”.
  • What does all of this have to do with our Bible lesson today? Let’s find out.


Bible Lesson 

Inspiration Poster

  • Ask children to find 2 Timothy 3:16 in their Bible. (Ask if it is Old or New Testament.)
    • Have one child read aloud JUST the first 6 words for today’s lesson. “All scripture is inspired by God.”
      • I always ask several children to read aloud the verse. Repetition is good for everyone.
        • Not only is repetition good, but some translations differ in their reading.
        • For example, some versions say, “All scripture is breathed out by God.” Other versions say, “All scripture is inspired by God.”
        • They mean the same thing.
      • Ask if they know what the word “scripture” means.
        • It means “that which was written down”.
        • The word “scripture” is ONLY used for words spoken by God.
        • So, only words FROM GOD are called SCRIPTURE.
      •  What about the word “inspired”?
        • “Inspired” means “God breathed” or spoke. Remember that when we speak, we are breathing out the words.
        • God spoke to men (He breathed out the words) who then preached or wrote down God’s words. We do not know the exact process by which this occurred, but we know it occurred because of this Bible verse.
    •  There have been billions of words written down since forever ago, but NONE of those words are like words in the Bible
    • So, the Bible is different from all other books, but HOW did the words get into this book? Let’s find out.

The men who received God’s words wrote them down. How? We do not know the exact way it happened, but we know it did because God’s word says it did. There were 39 or 40 men who wrote God’s words. Find pictures like the ones below and show them to the children as you teach.


All of God’s words were eventually collected into one BIG book.

That one BIG book is called the Bible.

Did you know that the Bible is actually a whole library of different books? Yes, there are 66 books in the whole Bible.


Lesson Follow Up – Choose as many activities as you have time for.

  • Sing “There’s Not a Book Like the Holy Bible” by Sarah Richie. The song and patterns may be found in Creative Bible Teaching, Volume 3.
  •  Assign the first 6 words of 2 Timothy 3:16 for the children to learn by memory.
    • Bring to class many different types of books or magazines. Ask questions about the various KINDS of books.
      • Cookbook
      • Kid’s story book about dragons, princesses and more.
      • Fiction – any made-up story that is not true
      • Non-fiction – space, dinosaurs or anything else kids might have an interest in
      • Magazine or catalogue – popular mechanics, gardening, makeup, etc.
      • Do not use books with no words.
    • Ask the children to tell what kind of book each one is.
    • Ask how the books are the same or different.
      • They are the same because ALL of them have words.
      • Where did the words come from? The imagination of the writer perhaps?
    • Show the Bible and ask children how this book is different from all of the other books.
      • This book is special because the words come from the mouth of God.
      • If the book is full of God’s words, it is the most important book ever written.
      • We MUST read the Bible and listen to what it says.
  • “How do you treat your Bible?” activity using a whiteboard eraser as a microphone as you “interview” kids.  This fun but meaningful activity may be found here:


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