Can you USE the Bible?

This activity will let the children experience a concept presented in the Bible lesson that follows. The lesson plan this fits with is “Bible is Useful to us ONLY if We Know How to Use It”. The full lesson plan can be found in our Lesson Plan Ideas section.
This activity should take NO MORE than 10 minutes of your class time. Don’t drag it out too long!
Gather the children close to you. Display objects for the them to look at. See the photo above.  You may choose any interesting items you have around your house. Here are some examples of items I used:
    • Egg separator
    • Apple slicer / corer
    • Seam ripper
    • A “level” used keep things level or plumb . I use this when I hang a picture on the wall to be sure it is straight.
    • Crochet hook
    • Rotary cutter for quilting
    • Potato peeler
    • Stevia Tabs I use to sweeten my hot tea
    • Allen wrenches
  • Let the children describe an item IF they know what it is.
    • Then ask them if they know how to use it.
    • Ask them if they are  GOOD at using it.
  • After that, tell and SHOW them HOW to use some objects and discuss the following as you do it.
    • Can they use the item if they DON’T know what it is?
    • Can they use the item if they don’t know HOW to use it?
    • Can they use the item if they DO know how to use it?
You might want to let older children try to use the egg separator.
      • Some may already know how but might need more practice to do it well.
      • The teacher can demonstrate it very efficiently because she knows what it is and how to use it. She has used it for a long time and has become very efficient.
    • There is a lesson here for us about the Bible. Do you know what it is?
      • If we know WHAT the Bible is and HOW to use it, then it will be useful to us.
      • If we do NOT know how to use it, it will not help us.
      • It will take practice to use it most effectively.
After this activity is completed, move into the Bible lesson for the day.


  1. Gwendolyn Schnell on November 20, 2019 at 1:30 am

    Great idea!! Love it!!

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