Creation Circles

Here is an easy learning center to make. It is made using creation circles “take home” material.  It may be purchased here: Each take home set is only one dollar.

Laminate each small circle and cut each one out. The children simply match the number with what was created on that day.
The entire learning center is contained in a 3-ring binder pencil pouch with a clear window. I make sure the cover image is visible in the clear window so the kids can easily know what is in the learning center.

The cover is made from yellow and black paper. The Creation title is also from At 35 cents each, this is quite a bargain.

The image above shows the answer key on the back of the cover image. I had to print in reduced size the take home that I ordered. The ladies at said this is fine as long as it is not sold. However, please do not make additional copies of their materials to make more than one learning center. At their prices, you can easily make 3 learning centers for very little money.

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