Creation-Design Demands a Designer

Every design has a designer. This idea is not new to humans. Everyone knows that our smart phones, tablets and computers were designed by someone. Nothing that complex can come into being on its own. The same is true of our universe and all it holds. Even humans are so complex that medical science still cannot unravel the mysteries of the body and mind. It is vital that we teach children how to counter the arguments made by intelligent and educated people who claim everything that now exists came from nothing.

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MAIN IDEA – The theme of this lesson is that EVERY design must have a designer.  We have patents and copyright laws that protect the person or persons responsible for a product or an idea. It is illegal to make a claim to a product or idea that someone else designed.  Humans have taken away from God His patent for the design of the universe. How sad that is!


MEMORY VERSEJeremiah 32:17 Oh Lord God, You Yourself made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too difficult for You.



  • Toothpicks 
  • Fine sand – colored sand is available a craft stores if you want to use it 
  • Disposable tin pie plates or any small circular container 
  • Internet access that is fast enough to play a YouTube video about a little puffer fish creating designs in the sea floor sand: 
  • “Every Design Has a Designer” poster for Teaching Wall – display interesting pictures showing God’s design as well as man’s designs 



Each child will be asked to make a design in some sand.

  • Pass out to each child small containers with very fine colored sand.
  • Give each child a toothpick. 
  • Ask them to make a design in the sand using the toothpick or even their fingers.
  • All of the photos below were made by upper elementary age children. They LOVED doing this activity! 

As the children work on their designs, ask them questions like the ones below.

  • Is it easy or hard to create your design?  
  • Is it fun or interesting?
  • Could these designs happen all by themselves? 
    • No! YOU made them!  
    • They can’t just happen all by themselves. 
    • Something or someone MUST have made your design. 
  • YOU are the designer of your sand art.
  •  Every design has a designer.
    • Can cookies, pizza or a pot of spaghetti cook themselves?
    • Can a cake mix put itself together and jump in a hot oven to cook itself?

See the source image

  •  Everything that is made MUST HAVE A MAKER! 



The lesson for this class is on a PowerPoint. You can view or downloade it here: Creation 1A Design Puffer Fish PP

  • You can use your computer or tablet to show it to the children.
  • You may also project it on a wall.
  • If those are not options for you, print out each slide and use it like you would a flipchart.



Assign Jeremiah 32:17 as a new memory verse. “Oh Lord God, You Yourself made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too difficult for You.”

Display on a wall the words “Every Design has a Designer”. Find interesting pictures of God’s creation. Also display some creations of humans. Discuss the fact that everyone knows human made products have a designer or a creator. Why do some people believe that everything else that exists today is just a coincidence?

You might even want to ask children about their “creations”. What have they made? You might ask them to bring their “creation” to class and display it in the room.  The difference in what humans can make vs. what God can make is that God created everything from NOTHING. That lesson should be the follow up after this lesson.



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