Creation Match Game

The classic “Match Game” is an all time winner for kids! This game has been adapted for use as a learning center. Two or more children can play this at one time. This learning center reinforces the memorization of the Bible verse we learned with one of our lessons on creation.  
How to play? Turn all words facing down. Each child in turn will turn over two cards to see if they match. If so, they remove them and keep them. Play proceeds to the next child. Play continues until all matches have been made. At that time, kids count the number of matches they have. The highest point total wins.
Hebrews 1:10 reads, “In the beginning Lord, You laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands.”
I decided to use a “Rebus” format for this learning center since it is more visually interesting than just words alone.

This learning center is stored in a pencil pouch that fits into a 3-ring binder.


Downloads are available in two versions. One version has only 6 matching cards. It may be used for younger kids or for a quick learning center. It may be downloaded here:  Creation LC Heb 1.10 Short version 

The longer version has 8 matches and may be downloaded here: Final Match Game Creation 5 Heb 1.10

Here is the cover image to download which also serves as the answer key. MATCHING GAME FOR 2 PEOPLE, Heb 1.10

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