David is Anointed – Video

Here is a video Bible lesson about David being anointed by Samuel using a “DIORAMA” as the visual aid.  Let the children know at the beginning of the Bible story that something very beautiful is here somewhere, but they can’t see how beautiful it is just by looking at the outside. They can only see the beauty if the look on the inside. I am referring to a geode that his hidden in the rocks near the bushes. The geode reveal is at the very end of the video.

The video may be shown to children in a class setting or used for a teacher looking for more teaching ideas.  You may view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHFAgOGhwUQ&list=PLkJ7psdIV2kyqnF0-1M3rlg_Zu4JdkaFU&index=4

My original teaching display for this Bible lesson is in the pictures below. The children were not at bothered by the fact that clothespins with a circle glued on represented different people. The imagination of a child is wonderful!

Here is my original diorama. It was a last minute idea so the props were very simple. It is always amazing that last minute ideas or spur of the moment ideas can sometimes be the BEST ideas!

  • It is a plastic container filled with kitty litter.
  • Characters are represented by abbreviated names written on card stock.
  • The circles representing each character are glued to clothespins. Remember that we are teaching children and children have wonderful imaginations.  “Anything” can become a “real something”.
  • Hidden away in the rock grouping is a beautiful geode.

It is always a jaw-dropping moment when the geode is revealed. Look at the series of photos below.


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