Do We Live at Your House?

Do We Live at Your House? This is a fun way to explore actions and attitudes that children need to avoid. This might be a great application to use when teaching Jacob and Esau or Joseph and his brothers. Their actions and attitudes were not always the way God would want them to act.

The original idea is an old one, because I remember it from when I was a child. There is one resource from which you can work to make your own visuals. See Connie’s File Cabinet: Search results for do we live at (

Here are pictures of what I made based on Connie’s File Cabinet documents. Use your own imagination to make your own set. Create your own script to match as well.

This is GREEDY GREEN. He always wants the most, and the best, and he always wants to be first. When there is just one cookie, he wants it. When the kids play baseball, he wants to bat first. GREEDY GREEN never thanks anyone or thinks about what others like. He only thinks about himself. I hope he doesn’t live at YOUR house!


Now, I want you to meet RUDY RED. RUDY RED is a good friend of GREEDY GREEN, because she also thinks only about herself. She doesn’t like to take time to say “please” or “thank you.” She stands right in front of the TV when people are trying to watch and makes lots of noise when people are trying to talk or rest. She is so rude that she whispers and rattles her papers when everyone else is quiet. I’m sure RUDY RED doesn’t live at YOUR house!


Next is BOSSY BLUE. She spends her time bossing everyone around. She must always be in charge, and she must always be first. She bosses others around telling them what to do, how to do it and when to do it. It is very sad that she hasn’t learned how much fun it can be when other people are in charge. I hope she doesn’t live at YOUR house.


And we can’t overlook YELLING YELLOW. When he’s around, you can’t hear anyone else. He’s always yelling and running and making a big racket. At the dinner table, he talks louder and longer than anyone else. In a crowd it is easy to find him – just listen for the loudest voice. Even at church you can see him running and yelling in the hallways. Let’s hope YELLING YELLOW doesn’t live at YOUR house.



Next, I want you to meet POUTY PURPLE. Poor POUTY PURPLE always uses her weak and whiny voice to complain that she has to do more jobs than her brothers and sisters and that she never gets a turn to say anything when he wants to talk. POUTY PURPLE is always feeling sorry for himself. She always feels that she can’t do things as well as everybody else. POUTY PURPLE never has any fun – she is too busy pouting. Does POUTY PURPLE live at YOUR house?


Here is BUTT IN BROWN. I’d better hurry and tell you about him, or he will butt in, and I won’t get a chance. Whenever someone starts to talk, BUTT IN BROWN interrupts and talks louder. If a friend tries to talk about where he went, BUTT IN BROWN butts in and starts telling where he went. When someone in class tries to answer a question, BUTT IN BROWN hollers out the answer first. Most people wish BUTT IN BROWN would butt out! I hope he doesn’t live at YOUR house!


Oops! We almost forgot POKEY PINK. She ALWAYS comes in late, because she pokes around until the last minute and then can’t catch up in time. Her mom has to call her and call her to get her up every morning. POKEY PINK pokes around and plays until it’s time to go somewhere, and then makes everyone else late because she can’t find her shoe or her Bible or her backpack. Of course, she never finishes her homework on times and usually ends up turning it in late. She pokes around with her work until her playtime is over. Poor POKEY PINK. She almost poked along too late to get in this story. Have you ever seen a POKEY PINK? Not at YOUR house, I hope!


Last of all, I want you to meet CHRIS CHRISTIAN. (This is a change from the original version.)  You will like getting to know him. He makes others happy by being polite. He isn’t selfish like GREEDY GREEN and never rude like RUDY RED. Chris doesn’t want to be bossy like BOSSY BLUE. You won’t hear him running inside and hollering like YELLING YELLOW or see him with a long grumpy face like POUTY PURPLE. CHRIS CHRISTIAN wants to be like Jesus, and so do I.





  1. Christina Davis on March 5, 2023 at 9:10 pm

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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