Elijah Fed by Ravens with Video

Are you looking for a fresh idea that keeps children engaged as you teach the Bible lesson? Look no further. This concept is the same as the Wheel of Fortune TV show.

  • Select the name of a Bible character, Bible place, or Bible event.
  • DO NOT tell children the name as you teach the lesson.
  • The children must figure it out as the lesson is taught.

This video may be shown to children in a class setting or used for a teacher who wants to discover new teaching ideas.

If you would like the script I used to teach this lesson, you may download it here: 1 Elijah is Fed by Ravens

The age of the children should determine the length of the name you choose. I have done this with great success in teaching ABIMILECH to 4th and 5th graders. It is a very long lesson at about 25 minutes, but they stay fully engaged for the entire thing.

Here is a video of how I presented this lesson. It was filmed in March 2020, during the COVID-19 “self-distancing” period. It was created so the children at our congregation might have an opportunity to “attend” Bible classes.  I included a few songs as well as teaching the Bible lesson.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIUkECVpoM0&t=5s

How is this teaching technique done?

I’m glad you asked.

Trace or make large block letters.  Mount them on paper that is a little larger. The letters I made are from standard letter size paper which measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches. They are mounted on 1/4 of a sheet of black poster board which measures 22 x 28 inches.

You can mount black letters on colored or white paper. You can choose white letters on black paper or colored paper. If you have lots of scrapbook paper, use some of that. Or . . . well . . . YOU be the designer. Do your own thing! Be creative! Have fun!

Hold up one letter as you teach that part of the lesson. Then mount it on the bulletin board. Remind the children that THEY must guess the name of the person, place or event.  Be careful NOT to mention the name as you teach. That is harder than it sounds!

You an embellish each letter with simple images and/or words. I sometimes even use numbers. There is no need to get too fancy! Continually ask if anyone knows the name as you teach the lesson. I keep reminding them NOT to say the name out loud but to keep it in their head because some children are faster than others at figuring it out.

I ALWAYS write out my lesson in full and adhere it to the back of each visual. It is a good way to remember to say everything you want to say. ALWAYS number your visual aids! If you get them mixed up right before class, there may not be enough time to get them back in proper oorder. In the picture below, you can also see that there is a letter penciled in on the side of the lesson script. That helps me remember which visual to use next.  Yes, I learned that the hard way!  CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE IT. You will see the page numbers 7 and 11.  If there are more than one of the same letter, merely label them P1 and P2 or H1 and H2.

You may use the script I used (download is available earlier in this post). You may also write your own based on the ages of the children you are teaching. If you are fairly inexperienced as a teacher, a general rule of thumb is to use one visual aid image for each 1 year of a child’s life. So, if you are teaching 4-year-old kids, use only about 4 images. If you are teaching 8-year-old kids, use no more than about 8 images. From age 9 and older, I can use as many as 20 or 25 images for one lesson. Their attention span is much, much longer in general. 

In the script, you will notice a phrase that is repeated over and over, “Who is this man? What is his name?”  Keep asking it as you teach to keep the children engaged.

You MUST keep a sharp eye on the children to see whether they are fully engaged or not. If they are, keep going. If you “lose” them, simply STOP THE LESSON and do something else for a few minutes. You can sing a song or recite a Bible verse or even say Bible books. Once their minds and bodies have had a quick break, go back to the Bible lesson and finish it up. The photos below are close ups of the images and words I added to each letter.  CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT.

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