Erase-A-Word memorizing activity

Do you want to use an engaging activity to encourage memorizing?  Erase-A-Word is a time tested idea that children love. It is very simple also.

  • Write the Bible verse and the scripture reference with dry erase markers on a smooth surface such as a whiteboard. You can also use a chalkboard. If you do not have a whiteboard or a chalkboard, cover a piece of poster board (any size stiff cardboard will work) with contact paper or you may laminate it. You will then have a smooth surface onto which you can write with a dry erase marker.

  • All children should read the Bible verse and the scripture reference out loud together
  • Let one child erase just ONE word. The whole class should read the Bible verse out loud AGAIN.

  • Let another child erase ONE more word. The whole class will read the Bible verse out loud again.
  • Continue letting one child erase one word at a time followed by an oral recitation of the verse.

  • After most words are erased, ask the children to turn their backs on the whiteboard. Ask them to speak the Bible verse together. You will find they can say the entire verse!
  • After the final repetition, the Bible verse will be fixed in their memory – their SHORT-TERM memory. We want it to be in their LONG-TERM memory. It gets into their long-term memory with multiple repetitions over time. We will repeat this verse many times in the coming weeks to fix it in their minds.

This set of whiteboards is what I use in my class. They can be purchased on Amazon.


  1. Gwen Schnell on January 25, 2020 at 3:43 am

    This is a most effective way for anyone to learn a Bible verse! We use this quite a lot!

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