Hop Step Mat Alternative Ideas

The Hop Step Mat is an idea that has almost universal appeal for kids of all ages.  However, it takes up a lot of space! If you don’t have a lot of space, try the alternatives below.
  • Make it on poster board or even an old pillow case. See the 3 photos below.
    • You might also want to make it reversible with one Testament on one side and the other one on the other side.
    • Let kids stand up at a table or sit on the floor as this is more natural for kids.
    • A young child might want to “drive a car” through the small mat as the teacher helps them say the words.
    • Otherwise just use game tokens or any other interesting small items you have on hand to use as a marker as the Bible books are spoken.
  • Another option is to purchase cut outs in the shape of feet. Write Bible book names on them. Place the feet on the floor for kids to step on.
  • Cut 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock in half or in quarters. Print or write Bible books on each one. Laminate and use them for many years.

    • There might be a concern about SLIPPING when laminated items are place on the floor.   There is a simple remedy for this.
      • If you have CARPET in your classroom, purchase stick the rough side of Velcro on to the back of the laminated item. It will be the side that has the “hooks” on it. Those hooks will lightly grip the carpet to prevent it from slipping.
      • If you have SMOOTH FLOORS, stick a large piece of duct tape on the back. The duct tape will prevent slippage.
  • You are NOT limited to teaching Bible books with this method.
    • Use this to teach the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 Apostles, the Judges, Bible verses, and whatever else you think of.
    • If you are teaching Acts, cross out Judas with a large black felt “X” on the Hop Step Matt. Then another child can place Matthias’name ON TOP OF Judas’ name. Don’t forget to do something with Paul also.
  • You may also use felt. Here is an example where I used leftover felt pieces to make the 15 judges. ON the reverse side, I made all 14 apostles.


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