Memory Verses Review 1

Learning Bible verses is never a one and done process. Repetition is vital to move the verse into long term memory. They are learning the holy words from God. Teachers provide are merely facilitators of that process. These are very simple and manipulative ideas for children to do as they enter the classroom.

The concept is to find anything small that you can write on. The variations are endless. Look at the pictures below for ideas.

I teach upper elementary, so these are LONGER Bible verses. For younger children who are not as advanced in reading, be sure to use SHORTER verse with simpler words.


















These are rocks I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I chose them because of their color and smooth texture. The children love how they feel in their hands. As a result, they are really drawn to this activity. I will use these same rocks for other Bible verses in the future.


Glue strip magnets onto the back of the rocks.


This is a simpler alternative to the rock activity. These are simply round plastic circles that can be purchased at craft stores. Game markers or poker chips might work just as well. Kids can lay them on a desk or the floor. The container holds them together on a shelf when not being used.


Purchase popsicle sticks, plain or colored ones. Write the Bible verse on the stocks with a Sharpie. This takes less than 5 minutes to make.


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