Moses Runs Away – Video

This lesson covers the life of Moses from Pharaoh’s palace to being a shepherd.

  • I always emphasize that we cannot know anything about young Moses as a child or as a teenager and young man, because God did not tell us so.
  • We DO KNOW he was “educated in all the learning of the Egyptians and was a man of power in word and deed”, Acts 7:22
  • Some information in the video is gleaned from historical accounts of what royal children may have studied.
  • The focus is that Moses got an excellent education.
  • Perhaps God used that education to prepare him to lead millions of God’s people from Egypt and through the wilderness.
  • The facts God tells us are from Exodus 3. It tells us about Moses meeting Jethro’s seven daughters and that Moses married one of them, Zipporah. Then it says he worked as a shepherd for 40 years.

My goal is to help children understand the Bible is full of REAL people, REAL places and REAL events. I want to make the Bible come to life by adding bits and pieces of historical facts here and there. This lesson is one example of that.

You may watch it here:

A similar lesson plan used for this lesson is found here:



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