Noah and All That Water – Video

This is lesson 4 out of 5 on Noah. This lesson is all about all the water during the flood. A fun song is also introduced that kids will love!
The lesson itself is presented in puzzle form.  Each puzzle piece displayed on a bulletin board is removed. On the reverse side of the puzzle piece is an image and/or words about the Bible story. Also, once a puzzle piece is removed, there is another puzzle underneath. It is actually a “rebus” puzzle where pictures replace words.
A song that was new to me is introduced. It is called “Who Made the Ark? The words are fun. They can be displayed on a song poster or you can sing with with hand motions.
If you and your child want to learn more about the “fountains of the great deep” being broken up, there are websites below that discuss it based on our current scientific understanding.

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