Noah Build the Ark EXACTLY

Genesis 6:13-16 details how God told Noah to build the ark. He build the ark EXACTLY as God instructed him to.  We can teach the true Bible story of Noah building the ark EXACTLY as God wanted him to without using pictures that include people or animals.

The pattern for this visual aid uses letters only. On each letter is a fact or two from Genesis 6:13-16.

As you teach the story, tell the class you are going to make a word.

For upper elementary, display the letters RANDOMLY. It is the same concept as playing Wheel of Fortune. I like to have the children who figure out the word raise their hand when they think they know it. I ask them not to say anything until the end of the lesson. THEN we talk about the word and ask if it is the same word they thought it was.

For lower elementary, place the letters in order as you teach. This might make it easier for them to guess the word. Just write words on whatever letter you want.

The original pattern comes from a book that is no longer in print. It is titled, Rays of Sonshine. I no longer have the book and cannot give credit to the author.

Have fun with this lesson!

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