Prejudice (Jonah, Good Samaritan)

This is an application about resolving differences and dealing with people who are different from you. For children, it can be applied to cliques and rejecting children who are different which can sometimes lead to bullying. As children get older, this can be applied to prejudice. Even little children learn that God makes us better when we work together. We can accomplish great things to His glory as a result.

I used this application during the Bible story, Jonah and the Giant Fish:

This application that can apply to Jonah or the Good Samaritan or any to Bible story about people who do not like or want to work with other people. It originally appeared in the May/June 1983 issue of Bible Teacher Mailbox Swap Shop magazine. The dear ladies at presented this at a workshop and were kind enough to share the original version with me. I am presenting my adaptation of this as well as the original version.

The original version from many years ago is attached here: Squares, Circles Prejudice, Jonah

Download my version here: Prejudice Application Jonah, Good Samaritan

Print the shapes in different colors and glue them onto black paper. It would also be fun to use fluorescent paper mounted onto black paper. The colors would really shine if you use a black light.

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