Proverbs 3:5-6

Do you need an engaging way to review Bible verses? Here is one idea. It is a combination of a rebus and a puzzle although a rebus by itself is already a puzzle. You may download the pattern for this Bible verse is is at the bottom of the article.

A rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters; for instance, apex might be represented by a picture of an ape followed by a letter X.
The puzzle part of this learning center is that the children must match the shapes on each end of the word strips. If they already know the verse that will not be necessary. However, if they do not know it, the shapes can help them put the words in the correct order.
After completing the activity, the child must read the Bible verse out loud.


I place each of these in pencil pouches that are used in 3-ring binders.

Download the pattern here:  Final TrustInTheLord_LC Prov. 3.5 and 6

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