Salt in the Kool-Aid?

Do this activity BEFORE teaching the new Bible lesson. The children will be not so gently reminded of the importance of following a recipe. During and after the Bible lesson, the concept will translate to the importance of following God’s “recipe”, i.e., rules, laws, etc.  I do this activity before the Golden Calf lesson or the story of Achan after the conquest of Jericho.


  • 1 unsweetened Kool-Aid package
  • Mix together:
    • ½ cup sugar
    • ½ cup SALT
  • 2-quart pitcher of water
  • Utensil to stir it all together


How to do this:

  • Have a child read the directions on the Kool-Ade package out loud so the whole class can hear.
  • “Follow the directions” but don’t let the children know you substituted salt for some of the sugar.
  • Pour the mixed drink into small cups – children MUST wait to take a drink ALL AT THE SAME TIME or the surprise will be ruined.
  • Let them have a sip. Watch their faces twist up in disgust! They will let you know you made a mistake!
  • Say something like, “Well, I didn’t have enough sugar, so I thought salt might work since it looks just like sugar.”
  • They will protest that idea! Continue haggling with them for just a minute.
  • Ask the kids if there is a lesson to be learned. Spend a few minutes talking together about what they experienced and learned.
  • Tell them that following a recipe EXACTLY is very important.
  • Let’s see if the people in our Bible lesson today followed God’s recipe or God’s rules.
  • Teach the Bible lesson about the Golden Calf or the story of Achan after the conquest of Jericho. In these 2 lessons, doing things according to God’s “recipe” was vital!

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