10 Plagues Numbers

Here is my visual aid for the 10 Commandments I have used for many years. Make your visual aids WELL the FIRST time. Then laminate or cover with Contact paper and they will last for many years.

I made each number from a piece of regular poster board measuring 22 x 28 inches. (The free download at the bottom of this page is a smaller version of this. It will make a standard letter size, 81/2 x 11 inches. You can always enlarge the patterns to fit your room.)

Scroll to the bottom of this article for my patterns.

If you are interested in the wonderful 10 Plagues song which is seen just under each number, it may be downloaded from Debbie Jackson’s site. It is here:

https://www.biblefunforkids.com/2013/09/moses-10-plagues-song-flipchart-and-more.html  The song is wonderful and the children love singing it. If singing isn’t your thing, just speak it in a rhythm instead.

The image below is of the entire teaching wall from the burning bush through plague 9.

Plague number 10  is not shown in the image above. We had not yet studied it when the photo was taken. This number is laid out just a bit differently. Many Egyptians died, so why not lay the number one down? After all, he’s dead!


Freddy, the Egyptian frog has somehow managed to form his hind legs into the number 2. How creative of him!


The picture below is NOT sideways! The Egyptian cattle died. So, make ’em look dead. Feet up!


Download your letter size set here:  10_PLAGUES Teaching Wall

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