Bible is Our Guide

Lesson Theme: Trying to live our lives without God’s instructions is impossible so God gave us the Bible to guide us. 

Scripture: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and alight to my path.” Psalm 119:105



This activity is very important in helping the child understand that God’s Holy Bible is our instruction book. We can’t live our lives and be pleasing to God without following His instructions. DO NOT discuss that concept here but wait until you begin the Bible lesson.

  • Assemble Legos This activity exposes the children to the concept that instructions are always necessary to put a Lego set together properly. In the Bible lesson, they will be taught that God’s word is our instruction book. It teaches us how God wants us to live.

    • Give each child a small Lego set but DO NOT pass out the instructions yet.
    • Tell them they must put the set together EXACTLY the way it is supposed to go.
    • Allow 3-5 minutes for them to work, or let them work until they are too frustrated to continue.
    • Finally, pass out the instructions and let them continue to assemble them PROPERLY.
    • Discuss which was easier – Assemble with directions or without?
    • DO NOT make any spiritual applications just yet. That will be discussed later in the lesson.



  • Trying to live our lives without God’s instructions is just like trying to put Legos together correctly without instructions. The Bible is God’s instruction book for us.
  • Ask the children questions like the following:
    • Did Adam and Eve have a Bible? How did they know what God wanted them to do? Would they have known how to read it anyway?
    • Has the Bible always been available?
    • What about Noah? Did he read the Bible to learn how to make the ark? How did he know what to do?
    • Does God speak to us today so our ears can hear him?
    • So, how do we know what he wants us to do? What are His instructions for us?
    • God’s instructions are in the Bible.
    • Where did this book come from? How did we get it? Did someone wake up one morning and find it on their front porch?

    • As you read through this flipchart, show children an example of a scroll. It could be something you have made yourself or something you purchased. Also show them a piece of leather so they understand how it was soft and could be rolled. You might also consider writing on the leather so they can see what it looks like.
    • APPLICATION: What is the lesson we learn today? Refer back to the Lego activity done earlier. Living the “right way” without God’s instructions is impossible, so God gave us the Bible to guide us. (I put this on cardstock and display it in the room next to our Psalm 119:105 scripture that will be discussed next in this lesson plan.)



  • Our Bible verse to remember today is Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and alight to my path.” Allow children to find and read the verse in their Bibles. Say it with this visual aid. This verse has been put into a song the children should already know. You may sing it with them also.

  • Bean Bag Toss – This is a fun activity for the children to review the Old or New Testament Bible books.
    • Pass out one bean bag.
    • Have children stand in a circle and toss the bean bag to the person next to them as EVERYONE says the Bible books together. This takes a little practice especially for the younger elementary ages, but once they do it a few times, they can get really good at it.


Stand by the door as the children prepare to leave and recite Psalm 119:105 again. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Then review the theme of today’s class using the visual aid for Psalm 119:105. Recite it aloud together.

  • Living without God’s instructions is impossible so . . . . God gave us the Bible to guide us.

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