Bible’s Own Story Part 2

This is a continuation of a flipchart by Sandra Humphrey and Aline Clevenger with Sandra doing the illustrations. The copyright is 1974. It may not be reproduced in order to be sold.

Before presenting the images below, do a quick review of the The Bible’s Own Story Part 1 flipchart by only showing a few images. Part 1 of this flipchart can be found here:

God sent his own son, Jesus, to this earth to tell people more about God and how GOD wanted them to live.

  • The first 4 books of the NT tell about his life.
  • These first 4 books are called the Gospels.
  • But Jesus never wrote any of my books.

His apostles and other men started writing the words God gave them.

Then, the book of Acts tells about how the church started and how it spread all over the world. Other men wrote letters to the Christians to tell them how God wanted them to live and how to act. The book of Acts is the New Testament Book of History.

The early Christian people stayed very busy teaching people about Jesus. When they told one person how to become a Christian, that person went and told more people. Soon there were churches all over the world. So, God has His Holy Spirit help men like Peter and Paul to write letters called Epistles. There are 21 of these Epistles that are part of the New Testament.

My last book is the only Book of Prophecy in the New Testament. In this book John tells the 7 churches of Asia to be spiritually strong when they go through persecution. The last few chapters tell us about Heaven. Heaven is our reward for staying true to Jesus.

About 60 years after Jesus went back to Heaven, all of God’s writings were collected together into one big book. The book is me, The Bible. Now I was perfect! Now I was complete!

  • 27 books are the New Testament
  • 39 books are the Old Testament
  • Altogether there are 66 books.

I really can’t sit up and tell you my own story.

  • You have to read me  and study me for a long time.
  • God expects everyone to do that.
  • We must always remember that this is the MOST important book ever written.


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