There’s Not a Book Like the Holy Bible song

This song reinforces the idea the there is no other book like the Holy Bible. It is a song by Sarah Richie. She published it in Creative Bible Teaching Vol. 3. The songbook includes patterns and may be purchased here:


Here is what my finished song visual looks like.


I used clear laminating sheets run through the laminating machine. The words were written on them using Sharpies. After cutting the word sections to a smaller size, they are taped to the sides of the visual so they may be flipped over as that part of the song is sung. I used clear Velcro dots to hold the clear flaps in place on the front and the back, so they don’t flop around while singing the song. The Velcro dots are not easily seen in the photos.


In the past few years, I have begun the practice of including the source on the back of new visual aids as they are made. That way, the source is not forgotten in the long term. Here is what that looks like on the back of the visual. Yes, the paper is brown and not red, but you use whatever you have on hand. Hah! It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done.


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