This is Your Life Bible People

Teaching about people in the Bible lends itself to a visual aid idea I call “This is Your Life.”  Bible characters are displayed on poster board using cardboard, fabrics like felt, 3 dimensional objects like plastic plants, glitter, beads, fake hair or fur, ribbons, puffy paint, chains or anything else you can come up with to make the character interesting to look at. Unique facts about each person are shone using pictures, words and/or numbers. As the Bible lesson about that person are taught, the children are directed to the poster as a way to remember facts of his or her life.

It is a good idea to use the visual aid as a quick review before you begin your new Bible lesson.

I used a pattern for the characters below that I developed for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You may download the pattern (8 1/2 x 11 size) from this page and adapt it to your Bible character:

The first poster is Jonah.


The character below is the apostle, Paul.


The blue felt below is “parted” so the Israelites can march through the Red Sea. Velcro Dots are used to attach the water.

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