Tower of Babel Match Game

The classic “Match Game” is an all time winner for kids! This learning center is a smaller version of the larger version I use as a game for the whole class. children can get a partner and play this before class begins.

The large group version can be found here:

The basic idea of the Match Game learning center is to have two sets of matching images or words.

  • All cards are placed on a flat surface with the images or words facing down.
  • Each child takes a turn turning just 2 cards over. If they match, they keep the cards.
  • Play moves to the next child and the next until all cards have been matched.
  • When the game is complete, each child counts their matched sets and gets one point for each. The highest point total wins.

You may download the learning center version at the bottom of this article.

DOWNLOAD: Final TowerofBabel_MatchingGame

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