Tower of Babel Match Game

The classic “Match Game” is an all time winner for kids! This is always an engaging way to review Bible stories.
The basic idea of the Match Game is to have two sets of matching images or words.
  • All cards are placed on a flat surface with the images or words facing down.
  • Each child takes a turn turning just 2 cards over. If they match, they keep the cards.
  • Play moves to the next child and the next until all cards have been matched.
  • When the game is complete, each child counts their matched sets and gets one point for each. The highest point total wins.
I adapted this game to go with the Tower of Babel. Woo hoo! Aren’t I original!
You may download the game patterns at the bottom of this article.

We chose to put numbers across the top and numbers down the side so the children could select 1B and 2D during their turn. They can stay in their seats this way and make their selection from there.  You may instead choose to gather the children close to you and place these cards on the floor.
The pattern below is small  and intended for use as a learning center for just a few children. You may enlarge it if you like to use it for the entire class to see from afar.
Tower of Babel Match Game download.  Tower of Babel 2 Large Matching Game


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