Wetting the Sponge and Application Ideas

Everyone knows that children are like little sponges. But why use that analogy here? We know that WET sponges attract water more readily than DRY ones because water molecules are naturally drawn to each other more than to anything else.

What does this have to do with teaching a Bible class? New knowledge and experiences will be absorbed more quickly when they relate to what children already know. Children will be "drawn to" new material that relates to what they already know like water molecules that are drawn to each other.

Children crawl before they walk and walk before they run. They must add before they multiply and multiply before they divide.   If we want children to learn and retain what is taught, we must make sure that what we teach RELATES to their previous experience and knowledge.

I "wet the sponge" before the Bible lesson is presented. Doing these activities BEFORE the Bible lesson is taught allows the child to "experience" or be reminded of a concept prior to the lesson presentation. The lesson will have a greater impact since the lesson is now connected to what they are already familiar with.

This concept is presented more fully at http://comefillyourcup.com/2019/01/30/perk-up-kids-bible-class-with-an-egg-separator/

Application ideas are a bit different that Wetting the Sponge ideas. Applications are typically presented DURING or AFTER the Bible lesson is taught. The application drives home a spiritual concept that children should use in their lives.

We will give ideas for both of these concepts here.